SOLAR ENERGY SYSTEM SOLUTIONS OFFERED AT ABES STANDALONE SYSTEMS: These are areas where there is no access to the national grid (Electricity), so solar energy system serves as your main source of power. BACKUP SYSTEMS: These are areas where there is access to the national grid (Electricity) but will make use of the solar energy systems when the lights are off. HYBRID SYSTEMS: Due to high cost of electricity, unreliable supply and instances of low voltage, for cost effective solutions, some appliances are dedicated to solar while others remain on the national grid. We at ABES do not just sell our solar products but provide the desired client with enough education for general knowledge or understanding to what they want to actually invest, this is  to seek exploit ways to ensure that many more Ghanaians embrace the renewable energy concept which effectively deals with the frequent black-out and environmental concern for clean energy; it is in this regard that ABES is seeking home owners or individuals to incorporate reasonable solar energy solution in its systems, to cut off power cost and help you manage your own power supply.   As a starter one can consider an average solar installation for particular application lightings, fans, TV as a backup or dedication system to enable the monitoring and studying for some months or better still a year due to climate variations before converting the entire home as a standalone option.