Solar Energy Technology

Let the SUN pays your Electricity Bill



These are areas where there is no access to the national grid (Electricity), so solar energy system serves as your main source of power


These are areas where there is access to the national grid (Electricity) but will make use of the solar energy systems when the lights are off


Due to high cost of electricity, unreliable supply and instances of low voltage, for cost effective solutions, some appliances are dedicated to solar while others remain on the national grid.

The technology is just like a polytank stored with water and retailed to consumers. Assuming you have connected the water supplied by Ghana Water Company through pipes directly into your polytank acting as a reservoir and at the same time selling to consumers, the size of your polytank will tell how much water you can store at a particular point in time so that even if the supply of water by Ghana Water Company stops or closes, you will still have enough or more water left in your polytank to sell out until it is opened once again.


How can the above explanation be compared to solar technology, here the solar panels act as Ghana Water Company generating or supplying water (energy from panel) through pipes (cables) direct into your polytank (storage battery), the battery size determines your storage capacity, hours of usage and selling out to consumers (powering your appliances or loads). If the supply of water stops means that the panels only provide or supply energy during the day so at night usage is solely dependent on the storage (battery) and supply or charging starts again when panel sees sunlight.


Solar system is not like the national grid where once purchased you can use all your appliances or loads available, No, here your total power consumption will tell the Inverter size to provide and will solely be used for the specific appliances or loads. The storage batteries last for 5years and must be changed or replaced for continual better system efficiency