Welcome to ABES, the World of Green Energy

ABES is a leading solution provider for renewable energy. We provide supply chain management for different solutions in renewable energy such as solar, wind, and biomass.

ABES aim to create strategic cooperation with our local and foreign partners with the goal of providing sustainable development that would create value for our clients and shareholders. By using local capacity, ABES intends to operate and maintain technologies in renewable energy that must be developed in relation to technology transfer.
We aim to play our part in providing local solutions that address the social and environmental concerns that can lead to improvement in the standard of living.

Our vision is to be a leader in providing renewable energy solutions

Our mission is:

– To provide our customers with reliable renewable energy solution package.

– To listen to customer and provide renewable energy solution package at affordable price with    longer life.

– To offer the client a solid, value based purchased supported by a 100% quality commitment and effort by employees and management.


  • Local presence ensures quality package at the most attractive prices, and makes promised installations timely.
  • Ongoing technology cooperation with OPAM Solar, Finland, ensures products meet international standards.
  •  We advise on cost-effective energy saving devices and offer suggestions on architectural designs that take full advantage of natural ventilation and lighting.